Luca Guardabascio

Luca Guardabascio

Born on 06/19/1975. Director and writer for film and television, Mr. Guardabascio has made documentaries, feature films, and created television shows, mainly for Rai 2 (Rai Night).  He teaches Italian history at Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania using exemplary Italian and American films.  He currently lectures at several universities.  Mr. Guardabascio gives seminars on Social Cinema: “How cinema influences society and how society is disrupted by the cinema” and “Society, anthropology and communication between peoples”.  He originated the genre “Marron” (a fusion of yellow and noir) with the first feature film “Inseguito” (2002) starring Fabio Testi and short stories, “Uomini Qualsiasi e Giorni Qualunque”.

Mr. Guardabascio wrote, directed and produced “Addio Notte Bianca” (2005), the two seasons of the TV drama “Task Force” (2009-2011) on climate change filmed in thirty-two countries. Mr. Guardabascio wrote and directed a number of short films and historical, anthropological, social documentaries, such as “Dove posarono i suoi piedi about the mystical Angela Volpini, and “Capodarco: Prima del Futuro” on the community founded by Don Franco Monterubbianesi. He has published ten novels and essays, including the publishing successes “My Own! Una guerra privata” (2005) published by Laco, and “Ancora un’Estate o un’Estate Ancora” (2011 Il Violino Edizioni, third printing.) In 2014, Mr. Guardabascio published “Pietre sull’Oceano” a written history of John Esposito and Joe Petrosino (Historica Editions at Mondadori). The novel explores Italian emigration to America from the Unification of Italy until the earthquake of 1980. It was presented in several American cities and has an introduction by David Chase, the creator of the Sopranos. In 2015, Mr. Guardabascio began filming Lola: In Punta D’ali, about the dancer Lola D’Arienzo, who suffered with Multiple Sclerosis for seventeen years. Featured in the short film are Enzo De Caro and Iaia Forte (The Great Beauty).

In 2015 , Guardabascio embarked on directing a docufiction, “Andrea Doria: Are the Passengers Saved?”, on the Andrea Doria-Stockhom sea collision of July, 1956, featuring Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Mike Stoller, Fabio Mazzari. The international project is produced by survivor, author, Pierette Domenica Simpson. Recently, Guardabascio completed a novel, “To my Casa”.  He is currently working on the production of a feature on Alzheimer, produced in the U.S.A. by director Michael Angelo Di Lauro.

Marseille Film Festival (2005), Film Festival Peru (2002), Nuevo Cinema Cubano (2006), Italian Festival in Praha (2006), Film Festival of Istanbul (2009), Palermo Film Festival (2003 and 2005), Premio Remigio Paone (1998 for best screenplay), Salerno Film Festival in (2002), and the prestigious Lions Club Award (2015), “Re-Birth”—a prize to the best author and director (2015), and “Premio Comunità di Capodarco” for the best documentary (2015), “Giovani in Movimento”, a prize for best documentary of social value (2015) and many others.