I’m a survivor of the calamitous Andrea Doria-Stockholm collision at sea in 1956, and have written, produced, and narrated the docufilm, “Andrea Doria: Are the Passengers Saved?”. The work is based on my publications, Alive on the Andrea Doria: The Greatest Sea Rescue in History, I Was Shipwrecked on the Andrea Doria: The Titanic of the 1950s, and L’ultima notte dell’Andrea Doria. The prestigious Italian publishing house, Sperling & Kupfer, re-launched the latter this March.

I have worked on the Andrea Doria cause since 2003 when I discovered that a great injustice had occurred, mainly as a result of prejudice toward Italians and out of international political concerns during the era. My books and the docufilm reflect my mission: to reveal the untold truth about the most controversial sea collision during peacetime, thereby correcting a part of history with compelling, creative, and authoritative work. (synopsis and film link in attachment) As a classroom educator for 37 years, I believe my docufilm would be an excellent educational resource.

Recently, the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism has officially endorsed the production of a feature film based on my life work. The process to create this international project has already begun. There is discussion about NYC hosting its world premiere.