Anthony G. Forlini

I am writing to give my strong support and endorsement to the documentary film, Andrea Doria, Are the Passengers Saved.  This a riveting story, brilliantly told, by Pierette Simpson, who survived the historic and catastrophic sinking of the Andrea Doria following its collision with the MS Stockholm in 1956.

Pierette was only nine years old when she was traveling with her grandparents on her way to America to start their new life. She is one of the many survivors and immigrants who were on this ship and bravely survived the collision.  Pierette’s memories portray a vivid image of the hardships they faced when arriving to America.

Are the Passengers Saved is a powerful reminder of this disaster that took place off the coast of Massachusetts in the Atlantic Ocean. This film is a powerful reminder of freedom, life and death, heroism, family sacrifice and the story that wrongly vindicates the Captain Piero Calamai. It reveals the shocking truth surrounding the collision.

The release of The Andrea Doria, Are the Passengers Saved will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Andrea Doria catastrophe on July 25th. It is a must see film for anyone who believes in surviving, heroism, truth and correcting history.

Anthony G. Forlini
State Representative
24th District

Maria Luisa Lapresa

I avail myself of this opportunity in order to express my support in favor of the project.

This collaboration with Italian film director, Luca Guardabascio, which included filming in Italy as well as in the United State, has rendered this event an international cooperation. It will be a significant reference point for younger generations in order to better educate them on the Andrea Doria tragedy. This collaboration will present a worthy cinematographic work aimed at changing history.

The docufilm will be a tribute to immigrants and their courage and sacrifice, to the courage of the ship’s Captain Piero Calamai as well as to those who perished needlessly.

It is my sincere hope that Ms. Pierette Simpson may rely upon your support for this remarkable undertaking.

Maria Luisa Lapresa
Consul of Italy

PREMIERE – DETROIT FILM THEATRE . Detroit Institute of Art . October 7 . 2016

It was wonderful to be with all of you and to share that very exciting evening with you. The film, the life-boat, the survivors – Wow, what memories. — Mike Stoller

It was a wonderful evening and we were so glad to be a part of it.

…the docufilm you wrote and produced was outstanding, the attention to detail was remarkable.  We loved Mike Stoller and we were so happy to see how many people came out to support you.  What a night! Sharon and Eric Devore

 I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how fantastic the film was last night at the premiere!!!  Your hard work and dedication has served you well and you should be so proud!  (Luca and Richard too) What an amazing turnout!— John Steves


Just a quick note to tell you how much we loved your film last night!!!! What an amazing story, and well written, produced, etc.  Fantastique!  I can’t imagine what that must have been like to have lived through that experience.  And how that must have impacted your entire life.  Well – now all your hard work is over and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor!  Best of luck to you as you roll this film out to the rest of the world – it truly is a beautifully told story and one for the history books.— Angela Ellis, Pierette’s former French student

Just want to say how much I enjoyed the movie last night.  It was beautiful and so well done… spellbinding.  Such a lovely evening with so many of your friends. Congratulations!Nancy Abramson


This is truly a unique story and it’s special that it’s coming from you, a survivor, of such a historically-monumental event. We’re hoping it achieves all the successes it deserves and looking forward to hearing what’s in it’s future. — Kim Steves


You have worked so hard to tell the story and have created a work of art.Anthony Rugiero, owner of Antonio’s restaurants

NEW YORK CITY SCREENING . October 27 . 2016

What an amazing night! The movie is incredible! It’s just riveting, absolutely thrilling. What a story! You are wonderful in the film, Pierette…. It was evident that your fingerprints were on every second of the film, especially after having read your book—and Luca has put together a masterpiece.

… the audience sat completely still and attentive throughout the entire screening; you could hear a pin drop. I didn’t dare move in my seat because I didn’t want to disrupt the intense concentration of the people sitting around me.  Congratulations on a spectacular project that is so meaningful on many fronts.Vincent Lionti, Metropolitan Opera Musician

ITALIAN PREMIERES . November . 2016


Con grande emozione assisto a un lavoro che celebra il Canavese e il Piemonte. Un’opera che valorizza la storia, un territorio e il suo popolo. Pierette, da vittima del naufragio e’ oggi protagonista di un grande impegno, che nasce dalla volontà’ di giustizia e verità’. La sua forza deve farci riflettere e aiutarci ad affrontare con la stessa caparbietà’, tipicamente piemontese, ogni avvesita’ della vita. Pensate a ciò’ che accade ogg sui nostri mari, ai tanti naufragi contemporanei. Non avranno forse mai la verità’ che meritano. Siate orgogliosi di questo docu-film e de valori a cui si ispira.”– Daniela Ruffino – Consiglio Regionale del Piemonte (Assistant Governor)



“Allora Pierette (la produttrice del docufilm), —sottolinea la deputata— aveva 9 anni e viaggiava con i nonni proprio sull’Andrea Doria, una storia avvincente che fa parte della nostra cultura sociale e che vuole rendere onore ad un comandante che ha messo al centro la salvezza dei passeggeri. Un comandante che dovrebbe essere un esempio per tutto coloro che guidano la cosa pubblica, che amministro il bene comune. Un esempio di impegno che Pierette ed i suoi collaboratori fanno emergere in maniere chiara attraverso questa opera che presentiamo oggi”.

In essa, ha concluso Nissoli, “si ritrovano il significato di Comunita’ e di Comunita’ in viaggio come la storia dell’emigrazione italiana evidenzia.…… un opera importante per chi vive l’avventura di essere tra le due sponde dell’Atlantico”.Fucsia Nissoli (DS-CD) AISE (agenzia internazionale stampa estero)


November 28  .  SALERNO

Pierette, I’ve been at three of your showings: the World Premiere in Detroit, at the Parliament Building in Rome, and at the Film Festival of Salerno. I can say first hand  the documentary you produced has a far reaching effects on all Italian Americans. The story reaches into the deep feelings of immigrant leaving the world they knew to an unknown world of hope. Any child or grandchild of an immigrant needs to see this film to understand and appreciate the sacrifices that were payed and what  America truly meant to those that immigrated. Bellissimo !!!!!! Anthony Forlini  Representative State of Michigan